15 Awesome Blogs (Part 1)

Danke für diese Inspiration. Das wäre eine super Monthly Challenge 😉

Box of Pages

Char fromChar of London, challenged me to namemy 15 favorite blogs. That’s a hard one, so I decided to break it into several posts to give it a good thought. Meanwhile, I follow and regularly read the newly launched charoflondon.com and recommend her movies, music & book reviews plus insights of London living.

So this is my list of awesome blogs I read on regular basis (Part 1), in no particular order:

1.Fefes Blog

Language: German. Author: Felix von Leitner a.k.a. Fefe, is the founder and owner of an IT security company from Berlin. He’s famous in German speaking countries and has a lot of readers. I saw him once at an annualChaos Communication Congress in Hamburg, well, he’s probably your typical eccentric IT nerd, but he’s one hell of a speaker and has a huge awareness of the world situation.Contents:…

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